A thought about Thought

Thought is inevitable

Science has just been able to prove that millions of thoughts come into our minds everyday. It is received by conscious and subconscious minds. I recently had a thought about the thoughts coming to us daily and I realized the importance of them. Thoughts are like pictures running in our minds and they are moving just like a dream. Sometimes they can actually precede an event and we are amazed.

Most of us have had a thought about someone dear being in trouble and it has become true. So the question is what is a thought? Thoughts are related to the process of thinking and hence are complex and no definition is available which can actually explain it fully. Everyone has a different definition for it. But what is it actually? Well thought may be referred to as some emotion or memory manifesting itself in your mind. It can be about a person who is not alive or about some place you yearn to visit. It can also be about someone sitting next to you or a bout a problem that has been nagging you for a long time. Thoughts can affect your body and surroundings positively or negatively. An aggressive thought can lead to a duel or fight and an empathetic one can lead to reduction of someone in distress. So think carefully, and never think that you cannot control your thoughts. You can surely think positive! Our personalities are indeed a product of our thoughts.


A thought about Coffee and Me

Turkish Coffee maker

Coffee has been the drink when I am lost in my thought. So I decided to share some thought on it. But how do I make it? I own a coffee machine but use it only when guests arrive. Turkish coffee-making style is my way of preparing coffee. The method involves grounding the coffee beans to fine powder. Normal grinders do not make a powder that is fine enough. Traditional stone pounders are used for the purpose. Freshly roasted beans are the best for Turkish coffee. The finely ground powder is dissolved in a Turkish coffee maker which is a copper vessel from outside and steel or tin from inside.  This traditional method of making coffee is slow but what comes out of it is marvelous. Coffee tastes best while making the Turkish way.

The Copper Turkish coffee maker looks very royal but it is the taste that  is the clincher. The powder dissolves in the water/milk as you put the copper ware on the stove. Try your hand today at making this exquisite coffee. You can order the Turkish coffee maker  here at unbelievable price!

Washing with regular detergent dishwasher can lead to discoloring of copper. The natural reaction with water does this. Hence extra care needs to be taken to retain the shine. Clean with a lime and salt mixture to remove coffee stains and keep it shining.

Kindle has brought back my friend

 Kindle the gadget for readers
Kindle the gadget for readers

Yes struggling to find book titles is over for me. Recently my brother gifted me a new Kindle paper white. Initially I was skeptical whether it will replace the good old paperback. But I was wrong. Now i can check for titles when on the go on the browser. I do not have to go the book store for buying the latest release etc. There are many benefits of reading on this revolutionary gadget.Three benefits of reading a book on a Kindle device are :

  • Cheaper Titles :Even the books are cheaper than the paperback editions. You cannot fathom how cheap they are unless you go online on various sites and check for Kindle edition. You will gawk at the price differences between paperback and Kindle edition. This is perfect for a voracious reader like me. I finish a 500 page book in a day and want more.
  • Lighter luggage:The best part is that you can carry hundreds of titles on your Kindle. No more jostling to fit in as many novels in your luggage. It does not make the luggage heavy as ordinary books.
  • Less chance of loss:Then there is less chance of losing the book. You will never lend a Kindle to a friend right. So, no loss of book titles and no case of a friend never returning a book.

So friends if you still do not have this gadget and you are an avid reader, go online and order. It will bring back books in your life, the best friends.



Where have all my old friends gone – my books I mean.

Collections of novels for sale, old fashioned books vs the kindle

Fancied reading the other day so had a look all over the house to see what caught my fancy. Not a lot!! Got to thinking what was the last book I had read and when. Then I realised it was when I was not well at Christmas and I read The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, which for those of you who don’t know this is an excellent Swedish thriller, that is also a TV series.  The Millenium series came to halt at Steig Larssens untimely death in 2004 at 50years old  but now  another writer is undertaking to write more in the series -should be interesting.

Books, I remember having them everywhere, lounge, bedroom, hallways that does not seem to be the case any more. I don’t seem to collect them as I use to and there is only one thing to blame that on…The Kindle. That wonderful machine that has cut down on my purchase of books to the point of non existance.



Kindle reading  apleasure but sometimes a book is missed, liek an old friend
The Kindle


I always spent many a happy hour at the airport rummaging among all the books stores for new releases, now I just sit in a chair with my coffee and browse my kindle – I even have the reading app on my tablet.  My problem with the kindle is exactly the same as when I bought books – I spend hours and hours browsing although now I do it from the comfort of my seat. Don’t get me wrong I enjoy it and certainly all the free books that are available but just occasionally I want to hold a book, a new fresh smelling booky book. I want to feel the weight and turn the pages and own it, do you know what I mean or am i just crazy?  I will never give the Kindle up but now and again I wish for my old friend the book to be in my hands.

I finally realised I had the two other books from the Millenium Trilogy to read ..where…on my kindle of couse!!

The new Terminator is coming

The latest in the Terminator series Terminator –Genisys, is about a new version of events unfolding. Paramount Pictures have reserved a site for trailer launch at the Superbowl for the movie trailer.

Terminator is back
Terminator is back


Arnold Schwarzenegger plays a double role in the upcoming movie. Alan Taylor who has directed Thor: The dark World and Game of Thrones is at the helm. An older Arnold plays the protector of Sarah Connors, as in the original movie released back in 1984. But the similarity ends there.  John Connor sends his lieutenant Kyle Reese back in time, but Sarah Connor’s character has changed completely. She already has an older Arnold as her protector.

There are many questions raised. What is Kyle Reese’ role? How will they face a combined unit of Terminators sent back to eliminate Sarah? The film promises lots of action as is the tradition with Arnold Schwarzenegger movies. Even at this age he looks deadly in his dual role.

The reboot of the original has Arnold in focus again. The new poster of the movie has Arnold in his famous half human half machine look with the shotgun. The role of Sarah Connor has been reprised by Emilia Clarke who got acclaims for her role as Targaryen princess in Game of Thrones. There is a package of flying bus, T-1000 walking through flames and a new villain as well.

The trailer promises a lot, but the story will need to be sharp. The original Terminator was a new concept and the latest version will have more expectations. The earlier two versions failed on the expectation level and were not quite a success.

However, it is something for Schwarzenegger fans. The film is set to release on July 1 and is sure to attract initial crowds. The rest lies on how it fares on the expectations of the audience.


I woke up this morning startled. My boyfriend woke up and asked ” What happened”. It was just another dream. Sometimes dreams really scare you. So I started wondering about dreams. What is the reason behind having a dream.

I went ahead and read many books. Even the famous ” Interpretation of dreams” by Freud. I learnt that our eyes move rapidly in sleep referred to as REM (Rapid Eye Movement). The mind works even when we are asleep. It puts together a scene or a story and plays it.Dreams happen about half an hour from the moment you fall asleep.Muscles are completely relaxed but the mind is very active in dreams. It is just like watching a movie, and it is in full colors.

Dream Big
The Best Quote on Dreams

The most common dreams are about falling, being dead, flying and snake bites. Even dreams have categories :

  • Day Dreams – The rarest kind of dream is when it happens during the day.
  • Nightmares – These are spooky and can startle you as it did to me today morning.
  • Recurring Dreams – It is a signal of some kind of symbolic reference to something happening regularly in our lives.
  • Lucid Dreams – These are the longest ones. If you have heard a story that has a deep effect on your mind you will see the full story in your dreams. Yes you will be enacting the main character. This is very beneficial and you hardly remember the events.
  • Dreams on God – It triggers many decisions in life by atheists. Many instances have ben found that a person was forewarned of danger or winning a lottery by god.

To top it all, dreams are a part of our existence. It gives us a movie experience without spending money. And , Yes every dream is unique story!!!!

P.S. If you want to manifest your dream fast, but you´r lacking the cash you can check out this page: https://www.ferratum.co.nz/

New year, new relationship status?

Is it too late to say Happy New Year everyone?! One of the big changes for me this year is going to be marriage….eek. People who know me and my boyfriend understand that this a big step even though they’ve been hassling us to do it for years…to the point where not getting married seemed like active rebellion on our part. But it was our ninth anniversary last month so we’ve decided that by our tenth we’ll celebrate it as husband and wife. Whoop, whoop! Well, I say ninth anniversary, but that’s discounting the one and a half year ‘relationship sabbatical’ we took around 2011-2013.

We split up before deciding to get marriedIt all started in 2005 when we got chatting at a mutual friend’s wedding, I’d always known Ben as we’d grown up in the same town and shared the same friendship group but really didn’t have many interactions with each other, I certainly never saw him in that way and I couldn’t have predicted that we’d end up together. I know he felt the same as he’d admitted that he thought I was quite stand-offish and snobby (I’m a bit shy in group situations and it tends to come across the wrong way), but as we had our first in-depth conversation we really clicked and realised we shared the same dry sense of humour. We went on our first date around Christmas time 2005 and that was it, we were inseparable and we eventually moved in together, but something wasn’t right. I’d done quite a lot of travelling when I was younger and I was more ready for a career and to settled down, I had the chance to move to Auckland for a great job opportunity but Ben wanted to travel as he had been working since the age of seventeen and felt like time was running out. It broke our hearts but we decided to split, and make it a clean break rather than kid ourselves with a long distance thing. It was the most difficult thing I’ve ever had to do but splitting up also seemed so right, I can’t explain it – it’s just where we were at. Ben got travelling out of his system and returned to New Zealand in September 2013 and by then I had returned from an amazing eighteen months in Auckland; when we saw each other again we both knew the time was right for us. Splitting up was the best thing that ever happened to our relationship, I’d forgotten how good we were together and now we’re stronger than ever. We have no regrets, and here, we are a year later: engaged 🙂 So now all our friends and family can finally put a sock in it and come to the wedding in November!

I wonder while I wander